位于崎岖的深处, 密苏里州南部树木繁茂的山丘, the area now included within the boundaries of 里普利 County remained sparsely settled throughout the nineteenth century. Although officially organized in 1833, the county did not assume its present size until 1872.

   当国会在1812年建立密苏里领地时, 后来成为里普利县的地方就在新马德里县之内. 三年后, 劳伦斯县成立, 包括密苏里州南部圣路易斯市以西的所有地区. 弗兰西斯河以及阿肯色州北部的部分地区. The seat of justice for Lawrence County was located at Davidsonville in present-day 阿肯色州. The administrative configuration of southern 密苏里州 changed again in 1818 with the creation of Wayne County. This massive county included nearly one-fifth of the area lying within the 密苏里州 Territory, 格林维尔成为了县城.

   1833年,议会从韦恩县的一部分建立了里普利县. 创立之初, 该县包括现在的里普利地区, 卡特, 香农, 俄勒冈州, 和豪厄尔县, 范布伦是县城. 该县以1812年的战争,将军E. W. 里普利. 在接下来的二十六年里, 里普利's boundaries decreased as new counties were formed-香农 (1841); 俄勒冈州, which include today's 俄勒冈州 和豪厄尔县 (1845); and 卡特 (1859). 最后一次边界调整发生在1872年.

   因为大部分人口都在南半部, 选民们决定将县城迁到新镀的多尼芬, 在靠近人口中心的地方,建了一座木制的法院. This building served the county until Union troops burned it, and most of Doniphan, in 1864. 幸运的是, 威廉•罗素, 一个县官员, had earlier removed the county's record books from the courthouse and placed them in a cave south of town. 它们一直被藏起来,直到1867年被县书记员找到.

   因为内战带来的混乱和破坏, 里普利县直到1871年才取代了法院. 一座两层砖砌的法院大楼就是由这10美元建成的,000 bond passed by the county's citizens and housed the administrative offices until destroyed by fire in January 1898.

   里普利县目前的法院是由威廉. 建于1898年,1899年. A central tower, later destroyed during a 1929 tornado, dominated the two-story brick structure. Federal relief workers undertook some repairs and renovations of the courthouse during the 1930s. 直到20世纪70年代完成了大规模的改建工程, 然而, 大楼里有集中供暖系统吗. The century-old courthouse is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places and celebrated its centennial during the 1999 Labor Day 首页coming Festivities.


   里普利县是一个三级县,由一个由三名成员组成的县委员会管理. One Commissioner from each of two County Districts join a Presiding Commissioner elected at large for terms of four years. 县委员会分配县财产税, 为郡征收的道路税和销售税. It has general supervision of the County public roads and maintains the Courthouse and other County buildings. It oversees the budgets of a number of independently elected officers such as the County Clerk, 治安官, 检察官, 验尸官, 公共管理者, 评估员, 收集器, 司库及验船师.

The area that became Doniphan was permanently settled as early as 1819 when Lemuel Kittrell 首页steaded on a bluff above the east 银行 of Current River near the site of a French trader's cabin. Kittrell soon built a grist and wood carding mill near his 首页 and attracted additional settlers to the region. 到1841年,基特雷尔家附近出现了一个相当大的村庄. 这个村庄成为巴特菲尔德舞台线和St. 从路易斯到小石城高速公路. 除了磨, 这个村子以有一家客栈而自豪, 商店, 酒厂, 生产仓库, 制革厂, 治安法官和公证处, 铁匠和枪匠. 附近有一所学校.

在可爱的小河之上的山丘上, 多尼芬于1847年成立,并成为里普利县的县城. George Lee gave 50 acres for the town and named it for Mexican War Colonel Alexander W. Doniphan. 除了磨坊, all of the businesses at Kittrell's Mill moved to the new town and were joined by several additional 商店s and businesses. 教堂也被列入其中. 多尼芬成为该地区的商业中心. 到1860年,计划扩建圣 .路易斯,铁山和南方铁路从Pilot Knob到Doniphan. 内战改变了这些计划.

Most residents of 里普利 County, as well as the surrounding counties, were Southern in belief. 几个邦联团在这个县成立,还有一个团, 密苏里第15骑兵团, CSA, 驻扎在多尼芬. 因为三条主要的南北高速公路经过里普利县, 战争期间,战斗几乎是不间断的.

在战争中, 1864年9月,残暴的游击队占领了这个县, Doniphan was burned by Union troops as Confederate General Sterling Price's army was moving into 里普利 County from 阿肯色州. 饱受战争摧残, 1883年,随着密苏里太平洋铁路的一条分支的到来,多尼芬逐渐发展起来. The railroad provided a means to market the thousands upon thousands of acres of virgin timber surrounding Doniphan, 本地黄松原木, 拖到Current River,然后用巨大的原木船漂流到Doniphan. A log boom at Doniphan retrieved the logs, which were milled and finished, then shipped to market. 硬木通常被砍成横木, 然后收集在河岸上,用长木筏运到多尼番. During the early 1900's, Doniphan was the center of a leading railroad tie producing area in the U.S. 在高峰时期,密苏里领带和木材公司. 每年在里普利县西北部砍伐3500万英尺的原木. 1905年之后, the denuded land was uncared for until made a part of the Clark National Forest in the 1930's when it was put under a program of reforestation.

随着其他土地被伐木工砍伐一空,农民们搬进来了. 种植了许多果园,有些非常大. Elberta桃子是主要的水果作物, 但苹果和梨也很重要,西红柿也被商业化种植. 草莓也是一种主要作物. Several 生产仓库s and canning factories were located at Doniphan because of the railroad. 玉米、小麦和棉花是主要作物. 多尼芬的辊磨机生产非常精细的面粉. 在二三十年代, 大萧条改变了多尼芬的生活, 实际上是停止伐木和生产,停止农产品出口.

World War II brought about renewed vigor for Doniphan business and the establishment of new industries, 特别是亨特服装厂和莱特皮革专制厂. Today the industrial structure at Doniphan has greatly enlarged and is a substantial employer. 伐木业仍然是该地区的主要产业,有许多家族拥有的工厂. 因为这条河清澈的河水, the scenic views in the Mark Twain National Forest and the favorable climate of the Ozarks, 旅游业正在成为多尼芬的一项大生意.


4月26日,多尼芬被建立为一个村庄, 1847年,从那时起一直担任里普利县的县城. 多尼芬于1891年5月1日被列为四级城市. 政府的形式是市长和市议员. 市长被选出来主持由四人组成的市议会, 所有人的任期都是两年. 市政选举在每年四月举行. 还选出了一名城市收藏家. 市长是城市的首席执行官,负责任命, 须经董事会批准, 所有其他非选举产生的市政官员. 城市办事员, 由市议会选举产生, is the Budget Officer of the City and handles most of the administrative affairs of City 政府.


The land that is today the town of Naylor, was earlier Barfield, being first settled by the Lewis K. 和莎拉·巴菲尔德家族在1859年之前的几年. 这家人是从肯塔基州经伊利诺伊州来到这个地区的. The Barfields were held in high esteem as evidenced later when there was great resistance to changing the name of the town.
The Barfield community did not come into existence until the Iron Mountain branch of the 密苏里州 Pacific railroad came through in 1882 and went on to Doniphan. 同年,贾斯珀·麦金尼开了一家锯木厂和一家木板厂. 第二年,爱德华·潘奇开了一家店, 这个城镇已经规划好了, 巴菲尔德的人口为75人,而且还在不断增长. 到1889年,这里有200名居民,1893年人口达到500人. 那一年,镇上建起了市政厅和监狱,还有一个游乐场和一个赛马场.

The Horton Land and Lumber Company made its headquarters in Naylor in the late 1880s and built a large sawmill south of the railroad tracks that employed approximately 500 loggers, 伐木工人和锯木厂工人. A tram railroad was built south into the forested area and logs were hauled to the mill. The Horton brothers were Poplar Bluff 银行ers and their company specialized in making Victorian 首页 kits that were sold by mail order throughout the Midwest. A model 首页 designed to show the types of lumber that were produced at the Horton mill was put up in 1892 and was company headquarters for a time. 如今,它已被列入《世界杯买球正规平台》.

When it became apparent that the freight was being misrouted because there was also a Barfield, 阿肯色州, 工厂官员建议将该镇的名字改为内勒,以纪念威廉·A·林肯. 内勒是来自印第安纳州的前联邦军队上尉,他是该县的土地测量师. 虽然这个城市的名字直到1910年才正式改变, 出于实际目的,内勒这个名字于9月19日被采用. 1892年3月23日,邮局更名.

霍顿公司卖给了凯尔西木材公司. 是谁经营工厂直到1896年被烧毁. 大木材快用完了, 内勒开始走下坡路, 但弗里斯科铁路公司修建了一条从吉拉多角到霍克西的铁路线, 1902年的AR. 当内勒来到铁路的十字路口时,情况开始好转. 8月30日, 1905年成为四等城市, 通过了印章,设立了投票区.

Cotton was a good crop for the southeastern part of 里普利 County and Naylor had two cotton gins at one time. 当棉花准备好摘的时候,学校会放一个“棉花”假期. 在棉花被轧的时候,人们会聚集在一起参观, 给平时安静的小镇带来一点狂欢节的气氛. 从20世纪20年代到大约1960年,棉花是里普利县东南部的主要作物. 在大萧条时期,每百磅棉花的采收价格约为50美分. 许多人一天能摘200到300磅. 到1960年,防治棉铃象鼻虫的费用达到了数百万美元, 大豆, 小麦和水稻更有吸引力的作物和棉花作物减少.

Today, with a Mayor and a City Council, Naylor is the only other incorporated town in 里普利 County. 它有一个现代化的学校系统, 水系统, 消防部门, 银行, 家庭诊所, 餐厅, 两家杂货店, several churches and all the other ingredients of a small town with a population of 642.


内勒城, 密苏里州是里普利县唯一一个合并的自治市, 密苏里州, 根据2000年人口普查,人口为610人. 它是一个四级城市,拥有市长-议会形式的政府. 市长被选出来主持由四人组成的市议会, 所有人的任期都是两年. 市政选举在每年四月举行. 还选出了一名城市收藏家. 市长是城市的首席执行官,负责任命, 须经董事会批准, 所有其他非选举产生的市政官员. 城市办事员, 由市议会选举产生, is the Budget Officer of the City and handles most of the administrative affairs of City 政府.